New Artya watches for 2015

New Artya watches for 2015 include two models for the ‘Son of Gun’ and ‘Son of Earth’ collections.

Firstly with the Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Glasnost G1 ArtyA takes its Son of a Gun concept to a whole new level: transparency.

Serving as a sobering reminder that our time on earth is short, two genuine Flobert 6 mm bullets are fitted to the side of the case, right against the wrist. Suspended and motionless, as if neutralised in mid-air, they are inoffensive even though they have not been fired.

The longstanding dream of designer Yvan Arpa has now come true thanks to a new technology: itr²®, standing for Innovation, Technical, Resin and Revolutionary. This composite material charged with carbon nanotubes is four times lighter than titanium. Transparency is in fact an integral of the entire design of the Glasnost G1, since its movement is entirely skeletonised to allow light to shine through its gear wheels, visible through both the sapphire case-back and the iconic dial structured like the barrel of a revolver. Spinning with each move of the wrist, the latter houses a real bullet evoking the fact that life is a game of Russian roulette.

Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Glasnost G1 Specifications

Movement: Mechanical hand-wound, entirely skeletonised, 42-hour power reserve

Functions: Hours, minutes

Case: itr²® with two authentic suspended Flobert 6 mm bullets itr²® caseback

Dial: Shaped like a revolver barrel Cartridge rotating with the dial Bracelet/Strap Alligator leather




In 2012, ArtyA’s CEO and designer Yvan Arpa created the Son of Earth collection – and endowed it with the most beautiful and living things the Earth has to offer. One of the first designs in the line was the Farfalla.

These Artya watches don’t simply reproduce the design, style and colour of a butterfly. Under the strict control of the relevant authorities, and with their full consent, for the first time ever artist D. Arpa-Cirpka successfully incorporated genuine butterfly wings within the dial. All of ArtyA’s DNAis distilled in these timepieces: unique, tailor-made watches that are highly creative – and completely unprecedented in the field of watchmaking.

Our tagline says ‘Unique Pieces’, and we mean it,” says Yvan Arpa with a smile. “Our collections used to be very much focused on a man’s world; the Farfalla line brings a gentle breeze of something new, enabling us toengage a whole new gamut of sensibilities. Indeed, the previous inset models sold very quickly.”


The Farfalla’s subtle butterfly wings from the Lepidoptera family are now enhanced with gold leaf. The blend of green, orange and black huesamid the gold leaf creates a unique colour balance; the interplay of the matching shades makes it look as if the gold is actually part of the wingsthemselves. Each tonenaturally finds its place, the very particular texture of the butterfly wings reflecting light in an ever-changing way –varying with the place, the atmosphere and the time of day.

ArtyA really has outdone itselfwith the Farfalla, creating a living watch, alive with perpetual movement. The wearer sports a timepiece that will remain discreet when concealed by a sleeve– butwhich comes to life when the Farfalla is exposed to the light, displaying all-new reflections each time.

Unique, customizable watches

Faithful to its primary desire to create “Unique Pieces”, ArtyA offers its customers customized cases and hands. This timepiece has aset of hands decorated with a large ‘A’ floating above the butterfly dial. The case – here, a traditional round ‘Classique’ shape – will be available in several sizes, 42mm and up.

The case features the side inserts that have become ArtyA’s aesthetic hallmark, too,along with afine platingofArtyOr, the brand’s exclusive alloy, offsetting the golden colours on the dial perfectly.

The timepiece uses a Swiss Made three-hand automatic caliber and is set on a black leather strap featuringblack hand-sewn top-stitching. This sober finish creates a discreet, authentic effect –all the better to highlight the natural beauty of the butterfly wings displayed on the Farfalla’s dial.

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