Arctos GPW L1 . Features high-tech ceramic case.

Arctos GPW L1

This is the Arctos GPW L1 from Arctos-Elite watches, they are made in Pforzheim, Germany using Swiss ETA and European mechanical movements.

Arctos make watches “for the most extreme demands of Special Forces, as well as for the demanding watch connoisseur”

Arctos is the first German watchmaker to use zirconium oxide (ZrO2) for its cases, a high-tech ceramic, the material is extremely hard and apparently almost impossible to scratch, and ideal for use in extreme environments.

Further features of this tough watch are a protective case back made from titanium and a design conforming to Pressure Proof German Industry Norm DIN 8310. They come available in solid black, blue or white.

For further information on the Arctos GPW L1 visit the Arctos Site

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