10 unusual pocket watch designs

The BOLT-68: A Modern Take on a Vintage Bullhead Design That Converts to unusual Pocket Watch

The BOLT-68, a bullhead watch that converts into a pocket watch. 2
Bolt-68 converts to a pocket watch

With its artful reboot of the 1970s chronograph form and contemporary customizable design, Singapore-based watch atelier Eone set their sights on breaking conventions with the BOLT-68. This boldly styled wristwatch not only channels vintage racecar vibes but also reimagines the bullhead chronograph style as a transformer timepiece convertible from an ergonomic driver’s watch to a slimmer pocket watch.

1970s Racecar Style Meets Versatile Design

Inspired by the oblong cases and pushers situated on top of early motorsport watches for easier activation behind the wheel, the BOLT-68 likewise situates its timing buttons at 12 o’clock. But the modular case crafted from lightweight and hypoallergenic titanium features quick-release bolts allowing it to detach the watch head from its distinctive dual-prong strap. This enables converting the 68 in an instant into a slender device for carrying comfortably in a pocket before reattaching for wear on the wrist.

The BOLT-68, a bullhead watch that converts into a pocket watch. 1
Bolt 68 converts into unusual pocket watch


Designed for active urban living from park to pub, the 68 combines vintage racing aesthetics with inclusive detailing like high-contrast hands and hour markers in varied colours enabling reading by those with visual impairments. Powered by a precise Swiss movement, it withstands depths of up to 100 meters with a hardy domed mineral crystal and shoulders displaying engraved measurement indexes designed for outdoor and scientific use.

So whether mounted on your machine or metering the day’s news cycles, transformer watches don’t come more versatile or visually bold than the race-inspired BOLT-68 built with everyday adventure in mind. Its smart modular styling lets you shift formats on the fly without missing a minute of the action.

Macabre Mechanics: HYT Deploys Cutting-Edge Tech in the Symbol-Laden Skull Pocket Watch


HYT Skull Pocket watch 10 unusual pocket watch designs

Swiss avant-garde watchmaker HYT distorted perceptions of hydro mechanical time display with its fluid-filled wristwatches. Now they’re adopting that innovative indicating technology to an auspicious yet notorious artifact – the pocket watch – infusing it with symbolic touches in the new Skull model.

Memento Mori in Your Palm

ETERNAL LIFE I PROMISE YOU announces an ominous banner draped above the Skull’s manual winding caliber as a skeletonized grim reaper stands ready to harvest hours and souls alike in a spirited memento mori. Yet viewed through an optimistic lens, the animation beckons us to seize each moment.

Subverting watchmaking traditions, the hours race by via a pressurized liquid encased in the Sword of Damocles marking each minute with a menacing edge. Super-LumiNova renders the emptied skull-face translucent like X-ray film, xraying the mechanical drama within the surgical grade 316L stainless steel case on your palm.

HYT Skull Pocket2 10 unusual pocket watch designs


Avant-Garde Technology in Symbolic guise

Limited to only 68 pieces, the Skull Pocket Watch showcases HYT’s proprietary fluidic module regulating the mechanical hand-wound movement. As suspenseful green liquid sweeps the capillary indicating hours, a power reserve monitor at 12 o’clock triggers alerts for winding.

Sheathed in black DLC coating and rendered in relief, the macabre yet exquisitely finished skull glares from the chain’s sliding buckle – itself a miniature, portable reprimand against fleeting mortality. Yet its craftsmanship conveys reverence for the technical beauty of calibers and the philosophical wonder of time’s passing.

So harness the symbolic power of memento mori as the cutting edge HYT Skull regulates not just minutes but the precious moments of life and legacy in your palm

U-Boat pocket watch – the U-65 Pocket Watch Titanium

U-Boats First pocket watch the U-Boat U-65 2
U-Boat’s unusual pocket watch the U-65

The U-65 features 3 time zones and a chronograph so its not only unusual but very functional. You can Read more from an article I published on its release.

U-Boats First pocket watch the U-Boat U-65 1
U-Boats First Pocket Watch

U-65 Pocket watch Specifications:

Dimensions: Width: 54 Mm Length: 80 Mm Height: 17 Mm

Width: 54 Mm Length: 80 Mm Height: 17 Mm

3 time zones given by 3 ETA-manufactured movements, two 2671 movements and a 7750 movement, all with top grade finishing and exclusive 925 silver rotor.

Chain fastening by exclusive bayonet system with assisted action and safetyblock.

Retractable 2671 adjustment crowns and release system with 2 side safety buttons.

7750 crown extraction facilitated by a lever near the chrono buttons.

Case, bezel, back and chain made from grade 5 aircraft quality titanium.
Accessory components made from AISI 315 I steel.

2 profiled sapphire glasses, 2 mm thick.
140 total components in case (excluding movements). 78 components in chain.
3-level 7750 dial with CNC machined components. 2-level 2671 dials.
Total Case Weight: 210 gr.

Total Chain + Snap-Hook Weight: 45 gr.

Richard Mille pocket watch – the RM 020

Richard Mille’s unusual pocket watch the RM-020

Richard Mille wanted to revisit the past and the golden age of the pocket watch.

He has reinterpreted this classic, in its modern and innovative way. Result: the RM 020 tourbillon pocket watch.

A unique piece The RM 020 is the first pocket watch to have a carbon nanofiber motion plate, a material originally used for US Air Force aircraft.

This watch also has a titanium chain with a quick attachment mechanism. Once the chain is removed, the RM 020 can become a desktop clock thanks to the support provided with it.

Material: Titanium
Diameter: 52.00mm
Thickness: 16.20mm
Height: 62.00mm
Background: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30m
Type: Mechanical manual winding
Power reserve: 240h
Frequency: 21600 Alt / h

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pocket Watch Time Instrument

Roger Dubuis unusual Pocket Watch 1 10 unusual pocket watch designs
Roger Dubuis‘ unusual pocket watch the Excalibur Spider Time Instrument

Next we have the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument.

This features 4 angled escapements with the intent of doing the gravity averaging job of a tourbillon, it’s not a gimmick, the differential averages out the four rates, which gives rise to far greater chance of lasting isochronism compared to a single balance and escapement. Its rare to see this even from some of the more ambitious high-end Swiss watch brands.

It has a 60mm wide titanium case and chain with a water resistance of 30 meters, a thickness of 10.6mm, and a power reserve of 40 hours.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument is delivered with a desk stand, which turns it to a desktop clock For more information, please visit rogerdubuis.com.
Limited to 28 pieces worldwide and priced at $468,500.

Oakley Full Metal Jacket Converts to Pocket Watch

Oakley full Metal Jacket 10 unusual pocket watch designs


Innovative Convertible Design Makes the Oakley Full Metal Jacket a Cut Above

Oakley, the premium sports sunglasses brand, entered the watch market in a big way with the Oakley Full Metal Jacket. This high-performance timepiece stands out for its innovative convertible design – with a simple twist and click, it transforms from a rugged wristwatch into a stylish pocket watch.

The Unique Watch That’s Two-in-One

Unlike most sport watches confined to your wrist, the Oakley Full Metal Jacket gives you flexible wearing options. When you’re active or need to access the watch quickly, wear it securely fastened with the molded rubber bracelet and matching case. But when you want protection in your pocket or prefer a classic look, convert it into an old-school pocket watch.

The ingenious stainless steel twist-and-click bracket allows you to easily attach and remove the watch case from the bracelet. Transforming this dual-identity wristwatch into a pocket watch only takes seconds – just release the bracket, remove the bracelet, and drop the watch into your pocket.

High-Tech Timepiece Built to Last

True to its name, the Full Metal Jacket lives up to Oakley’s reputation for durability with a rugged all-metal design. The stainless steel case and bracket provide heavyweight protection for the internal mechanisms, resisting damage from drops and shocks. An anti-scratch crystal lens preserves legibility even with rough daily use.

Inside beats a reliable Swiss Ronda 715 quartz movement, ensuring chronometric precision. The textured crown and engraved Oakley icons add stylish touches while allowing a firm grip for setting the time. Like all Oakley watches, the Full Metal Jacket is waterproof up to 100 meters.

With stand-out looks and a dual-watch design, the Oakley Full Metal Jacket is perfectly equipped for urban explorers, adventurous travellers, and anyone seeking performance and flexibility. The adaptability to shift from an everyday timer to dressy accessory makes this an ideal choice as your sole time-keeping companion.

So if you want an advanced sports watch with a twist – in both form and function – take a shine to the forward-looking Oakley Full Metal Jacket.

The Sleek Yet Rugged Ziiiro Titan: A Modern Spin On The Classic Pocket Watch


Ziiro Titan unusual pocket watch
Ziiro’s unusual pocket watch, the Titan

With its minimalistic design and stainless steel body, the Ziiiro Titan puts a modern twist on the old-school pocket watch while retaining classic appeal. This hybrid timepiece combines the austerity of a stylish accessory watch with the heft and durability of a high-performance sports chronograph.

Sleek Curves And Premium Materials For Understated Elegance

At first glance, the subtle curves and slim profile of the Titan give it the graceful look of a dress watch, an impression aided by its lack of pushers or crowns. But instead of leather straps, this pocket watch opts for stainless steel fused with durable polycarbonate to handle scrapes and bumps.

The result is an understated yet commanding presence at home in the office as much as outdoor urban adventures. Weighing in at half an ounce, you’ll barely notice the Titan’s negligible heft as it occupies your jacket or pants pocket.

Innovative Hybrid Design For All-Day Use

But unlike delicate accessory watches, the resilient Titan moonlights as a multi-functional digital sports chronograph. The absence of physical buttons keeps the minimalist look intact – instead, tap controls allow interfacing with a precise Swiss movement.

In a further nod to subtlety, the 31mm photic crystal face eschews loud numbering for a bare dial with three-hand analog display. Set in crisp steel and nods of color, it projects classic charm or modern edge depending on strap and bezel choices.

Whether timing activities or keeping pace with your dynamic lifestyle, the Ziiiro Titan’s hybrid of analog simplicity and digital functionality stays faithful to its time-honored pocket watch pedigree while updating it for all-day contemporary use.

The Bovet Ottantasei: Sculptural Timepiece Transforms From Wrist To Pocket


BOVET PININFARINA OTTANTA unusual pocket watch 10 unusual pocket watch designs

Renowned Italian design house Pininfarina has long imbued its legendary automotive creations with aerodynamic elegance paired with thrilling performance. In collaboration with luxury Swiss watchmaker Bovet, Pininfarina now brings that same ethos of dynamic artistry to the Ottantasei timepiece – with an ingenious convertible design that transitions this mechanical sculpture between wrist and pocket.

Underneath those exterior lines lies an ingenious Swiss-made mechanical caliber powering a kinetic sculpture that transforms between two modes at the twist of a hand.

With a simple release of the ergonomic bolts curved to hug the case, the watch detaches from its black alligator strap. Fold out the integrated lugs, and springs click them securely into place – converting the Ottantasei into an unusual pocket watch sheathed in titanium.

Bovet unusual pocket watch 10 unusual pocket watch designs

Mechanical Masterpiece, Moment Of Prestige

Whichever format you choose for this eminently portable sculpture – proudly displayed in the palm or timed to your pulse – peer through the transparent caseback to witness Bovet’s high watchmaking artistry on display, accented by Pininfarina’s signature striping and font.

Limited to 86 pieces, the Ottantasei’s 6-day power reserve, convertible case, and sleek styling by one of history’s most famous automotive designers reflects a moment where avant-garde timekeeping converges with speed, prestige…and possibility.

Whether worn on the roads or displayed on the mantle, the Bovet Ottantasei’s dual format powerfully demonstrates that transformational style need not be confined to the garage.

Panerai’s Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Ceramica: A Modern Reinterpretation of Historic Timekeeping

Panerai unusual pocket watc 10 unusual pocket watch designs
Panerai Pocket Watch


In recent years, Panerai has been exploring its past through reproductions of vintage designs outfitted with contemporary materials and technical innovations. Continuing in this vein, the Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Ceramica brings together the company’s origins as a supplier of watches for the Royal Italian Navy with cutting-edge watchmaking.

A marriage of maritime history and modern craftsmanship

The instantly recognizable Luminor silhouette manifests subtly through the Ceramica’s matte black ceramic chain and stand. But rendered on a larger 59mm scale, the technical beauty of the tourbillon and skeletonized dial movement take center stage within the lightweight zirconium oxide case.

Echoing maritime instruments in form and function, the bridges and barrels finished in black suggest the period naval use that built Panerai’s reputation. The floating movement offers mesmerizing insight into ancient navigation techniques evolved through contemporary capabilities.

A pinnacle demonstration of enduring mechanical artistry


Panerai unusual pocket watch 2 10 unusual pocket watch designs

Faithful to the tool heritage while maximizing aesthetic impact, three barrels enable an ample 6-day power reserve. The precise movement oscillates at 28,800 vibrations per hour through the rotating perpendicular double axis tourbillon. Subtle hour markers glow with SuperLuminova like gauges in darkness.

The P.2005/S caliber accounts for gravitational forces on delicate mechanics through that rotating tourbillon viewable through the clear case back. A GMT scale links sunrise and sunset anywhere on the globe – critical for naval navigation.

From the officer’s cabin to the collector’s display

In revisiting a form used heavily in officers’ quarters aboard naval ships, Panerai revives not just physical elements but the enduring spirit of adventure embodied in early exploratory seafaring. Paired with the integrated stand inspired by the crown lever, the Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Ceramica makes a compelling showcase of history evolved for contemporary collecting.


Urwerk UR-1001. Uber Complication pocket watch


Urwerk pocket watch 10 unusual pocket watch designs

Among other things, this amazing, over-sized contraption will tell you when it needs a service and how long it’s been running. It uses Urwerk’s signature satellite system to tell the time.

The Urwerk UR-1001 features 10 complications, many of which are unique to Urwerk, including:
Satellite hours, retrograde minutes, day/night indicator, running seconds, power reserve indicator, revolving satellite calendar displaying months plus date, Oil Change indicator, 100-year indicator and 1000-year indicator.
read more here

The Urwerk UR-1001 Specifications

Dimensions: 106mm x 62mm x 23mm
Glasses: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: Pressure-tested to 3ATM
Material: AlTiN steel with titanium elements
Power source: Single mainspring barrel
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: Unidirectional winding rotor
Calendar mechanism: 93 tooth wheel, 3 Maltese crosses
Retrograde minutes: Anti-shock safety device
Frequency: 28,800v/h, 4Hz

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