The CIGA Design Blue Planet Watch

The World On Your Wrist With CIGA Design’s Blue Planet Watch

The Blue Planet watch face artfully depicts our living planet through intricate decorations carved into the three-dimensional globe dial. Precision topographic details replicate the real mountainous terrain found across continents like Africa, Asia, and Australia. The curved sapphire crystal covering the dial represents Earth’s atmosphere, encapsulating the micro-sculpted vistas in a protective bubble. While a globe watch could risk feeling gimmicky or embellished, CIGA Design managed to craft an attractively refined artwork alive with finessed textures. The visible topography pops off the elegantly domed face, treating viewers to an engaging visual experience that celebrates our world’s mesmerizing diversity of landscapes and environments.

The Geneva Grand Prix (GPHG) is revered as the Oscars of the global watchmaking industry, attracting prestigious brands to compete annually for top honours. In an historic first for the 21-year old awards, an outsider crashed the Swiss-Japanese dominate horological winner’s circle – China’s maverick CIGA Design took home a trophy for its radical Blue Planet timepiece. The 46mm world-on-your-wrist creation stunned the traditional industry by using a proprietary asynchronous display spinning around a 3D micro-etched aluminium globe.

Blue Planet Watch front

Asynchronous Follow-up Technology

Through an exclusive asynchronous follow-up complication, the Blue Planet reads the time in an avant-garde fashion that makes you feel the progression of minutes and hours. As the major hour marker rotates from 10 to 14, the minute dial sweeps from 10 minutes past to precisely 14 minutes past the hour. This dynamic time display connects you to the rhythms of the planet in an organic way.

  • Hour hand rotation from 10 to 14 → 30° angle
  • Corresponding minute hand shift = 390° rotation

The interplay between the stationary hour dial and sweeping minute hand showcase time in a flowing, artistic style unlike any other watch.

157 blue planet telling the time The CIGA Design Blue Planet Watch

Innovative Time Pointers

The Blue Planet dispenses with convention to reveal a vanguard pointer-based display. The solitary compass navigation marker serves as the watch’s sole pointer, traversing the pad-printed hour dials. This harmonizes with the incremental rotations of the independent minute dial regulated by the meticulous mechanical movement.

Form and function mesh seamlessly to indicate the time with space-age elegance.

Clarity Through Craftsmanship

CIGA Design leverages cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to engrave the Blue Planet’s dial with utmost precision. This high degree of accuracy enables the geometric patterns and textures to reflect light brilliantly. The time displays with perfect clarity even without sunlight washing over it.

The stunning visual effect stems from dedicated engineering prowess to execute upon a futuristic vision.

CIGA Design Blue Planet Watch wrist

Sleek Titanium Alloy Case

The Blue Planet watch’s smoothly contoured case measures 46mm wide yet feels surprisingly lightweight and comfortable on the wrist. This stems from high-grade titanium alloy construction that is durable while avoiding bulk.

The distinctive oval form stands out from traditional round watch cases for a sleek, ergonomic silhouette. A compact set of functional pushers blend harmoniously into one integrated sculpture.

Domed Sapphire Protection

The cases tapered cylinder shape capped by a domed sapphire glass lens amplifies visual intensity. The hardened crystal proves highly scratch resistant to withstand scrapes from daily wear. With double layers enclosing the dial, rest assured that the inner workings stay safely protected from external threats.

Yet the optical transparency reveals every animating component with scintillating clarity.

CIGA Design watch back

Elegant Interactive Crown

Despite the watch’s imposing dimensions, the crown positioning ensures wearing comfort. Nestled inside the frame’s overhang, the meticulous winding mechanism rotates with silken friction. The 7mm wide crown cap screws down tightly to guarantee 100 meters of water resistance. This fortifies the movement against infiltration while enabling quick access for manual winding or time setting.

Comfortable Fluorine Rubber Strap

The Blue Planet’s integrated lugs lead directly into its tailored fluorine rubber strap. The textured avant-garde patterns impressed into the band continues the watches modernist theme. At 22mm wide, it secures firmly around the wrist thanks to a quartet of eyelets feeding into a rugged pin buckle clasp.

The non-toxic, food-grade material feels soft, flexible, and lightweight for all-day wearing ease. Enhanced water resistance enables washing dirt or moisture away while resisting environmental degradation.

CIGA Design Blue Planet watch strap

Splash and Rain Proof Construction

The Blue Planet watch withstands water exposure up to 3 ATM equivalent to 30 meters depth. Feel free to wear the watch without concern through rainstorms or high splash conditions. Just avoid manipulating the crown or pushers while wet or submerged. Remember to wipe any lingering moisture away post activities.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging

The watch ships inside 100% recyclable packaging constructed from eco-friendly materials like PCR plastic and pulp mold inserts. This furthers the conservation mission while providing a safe housing for the expensive mechanical movement. Box graphics reflect the greater Blue Planet initiative to encourage customers to join the sustainability journey.

The Blue Planet packaging

Additional Specifications

  • 46mm wide x 46mm height titanium alloy case
  • 22mm long band with 20mm buckle
  • 15mm total thickness
  • Self-designed CIGA mechanical movement
  • Oversized 72 gram total weight
  • Hypoallergenic construction
  • Corrosion and scratch resistant
  • Complex precision engineering
  • 40 hour power reserve
  • 30 jewel base calibre
  • Accuracy rated to -15/+30 seconds per day
  • 3 ATM waterproof rating

Make a statement while making a difference with the CIGA Design Blue Planet mechanical watch. This avant-garde accessory connects you to the rhythm of the planet while promoting sustainability.

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