Trilobe Une Folle Journée. Floating rings.

Une Folle Journee Watch front

Trilobe Une Folle Journée: Unusual concentric ring display.

The time…deconstructed, indicated in a three-dimensional way, without hands. This is the mission behind the Trilobe Une Folle Journée – literal translation “a crazy day” from French brand Trilobe .

Founded on a novel concept of displaying time through rotating discs rather than traditional hands, Trilobe first entered the scene in 2018 with its inaugural decimal time-telling watches. But now, Trilobe has elevated its disc-based concept to new heights with Une Folle Journée – unveiled in 2022 as a groundbreaking sculptural timepiece.

Through its unique 3D architecture, Une Folle Journée liberates the visualization of passing time:

  • Concentric rings float indicating the hours, minutes, seconds
  • The mechanical spectacle underneath fully visible through a skeletonized dial
  • A magnificent domed crystal amplifying depth and dimension

The Trilobe Une Folle Journée is both technically and artistically inventive – a mechanical poem crafted upon the wrist.

Une Folle Journee Watch wrist

An Inside Look at Trilobe and the Story Behind Une Folle Journée

Trilobe was first envisioned in 2013 by French designer Gautier Massonneau. Inspired by his architect father, Massonneau sought a structural approach to minimalist time-telling focused purely on the essential indications – hours, minutes, seconds.

After developing prototypes for 5 years, Trilobe unveiled its inaugural timepiece, Les Matinaux, in 2018 featuring clean rotating time discs. But Massonneau felt his artistic vision could be pushed into more radical terrain.

The result is Une Folle Journée debuted 4 years later in 2022 after close collaboration with esteemed watchmaker Le Cercle des Horlogers.

Une Folle Journee Watch exploded

Une Folle Journée Design: Pushing Boundaries

Une Folle Journée progresses Trilobe’s time display concept through a wholly unique 3D architecture:

Une Folle Journee Watch

The case geometry is an avant-garde sculpture – a domed crystal protruding from the middle evoking natural forms. Adding complexity, the rotating time discs now levitate on columns at shifting levels under the curved crystal. The effect is an orb floating fluidly above the wrist.

Most radically, the oscillator and gear trains are fully exposed rather than obscured. The disequilibrium of its revolving triple-axis tourbillon regulator takes center stage, comprising 3 interlocking cages perpetually rotating.

The time indications are still Trilobe’s signature black or blue rotating discs. But Une Folle Journée projects them upwards as graphic interfaces suspended in space, their visual lightness defying gravity. A red fixed indicator at 6 o’clock remains to orient the hours/minutes.

Overall technical specifications include:

  • 40.5mm titanium case with domed sapphire protruding 10.8mm
  • Proprietary automatic movement Calibre X-Centric
  • Triple-axis flying tourbillon regulator
  • Limited to 50 pieces per dial variation
  • Price: 21,500 EUR (around $23,000 USD)

The Mechanics Enabling Seamless Triple Axis Rotation

Challenges faced:

  • Perfectly calibrating each cage’s speed and timing
  • Preventing inter-cage collisions
  • Accounting for amplified mass and momentum

For Trilobe, harmonizing the triplicate rotation mechanism culminated years of fine-tuned positioning, clearances, balance calibration. The outcome is a smoothly mesmeric perpetual motion display pushing haute horlogerie progress.

Trilobe Une Folle Journee Black2 Trilobe Une Folle Journée. Floating rings.

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