Rolex Submariner James Bond

conneryWho: James Bond

Film: Goldfinger

Quote:”Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

Watch: Rolex Submariner

The ultimate gentleman spy, suave and sophisticated, Bond keeps his cool under pressure. Whether disarming a ticking bomb or seeing off another would-be assasin he does it all with style and panache without breaking a sweat and rounds it off nicely with a witty remark.

In later James Bond movies he switched to wearing the Omega Seamaster also a cool watch. In between Q-Branch issued him with various digital watches mostly by Seiko. But of the bunch its felt that the Rolex Submariner with the RAF strap featured in the early Connery films just beats the Seamaster in terms of coolness. It is also the watch that Ian Fleming specifies in his Bond books.

rolex submariner


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