Rolex Deepsea Dive Watch

Rolex DeepseaRolex Deepsea 3,900 meters (12,795 Feet)

Rolex has a long diving heritage, reaching back to when it was credited with making the first “waterproof” watch in 1927. Rolex were also involved with development of the record breaking Deep dive in the Bathyscaphe Trieste, which, with the Rolex Deep Sea Special strapped to the outside of the vessel descended to 3,700 metres in 1956. Still more recently in 1990, Comex diver Theo Mavrostomos made a record 2300ft dive wearing a Rolex Sea-Dweller.


Rolex draws on this wealth of dive experience and involvement creating deep dive watches for the development of the Deepsea.

The Deepsea uses a mechanical Automatic movement and some of its features include the use of titanium alloy for its case back which gives it a flexibility, as a result of which the greater the depth the more the case becomes sealed due to the components being forced closer together.

For dives using pressurized chambers in which a mix of helium, oxygen and hydrogen are used, the Deepsea has a Helium release valve to allow any helium that may have entered the watch to escape.

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Rolex deepseaRolex DeepseaRolex Deepsea Basic Specifications:

Diameter: 44mm
Thickness : 18.5mm
Movement : Mechanical Automatic
Case: Steel
Price: Approx $9000