Moments in Time by Dominic Wilcox. Surreal animated scenes.

Dominic Wilcox watch

Moments in time by Dominic Wilcox are a series of watch sculptures by the British designer and inventor.

He has created unique, miniature animated scenes using a collection of watches and customized model figures.

Reflections on human behavior and delightfully surreal scenes, each tells a story or conveys a message and draws on everyday and imagined situations.

A man in a suit extends his arm towards his colleague expecting a handshake. The colleague crosses his arms in clear disregard for their friendship, in “The unrequited handshake” (above)

“I spent time thinking about the relationship between the two people, how one passes another repeatedly and I tried to think about when that situation happens in real life or in an imagined scenario.”

Moments in Time by Dominic Wilcox. Surreal animated scenes. 2

Two people sitting on a bench fail to give up their seat to an elderly woman walking with the aid of a stick while holding bags in “Comfortably oblivious”. The numbers and hands of a watch are swept away in “Watch sweeper and an incredible feat of balance and strength fails to be noticed by a man so engrossed in his iPhone.

Figures are attached to the hour and minute hands so that characters meet and encircle each other to the rhythms of time.

“I altered head and arm angles of found model figures and made objects such as the LCD TV with wire and plug. The glass domes are hand blown to fit each watch exactly.”

Being no doubt quite fragile these pieces are obviously more like works of art rather than practical timepieces, they are collectibles which create a unique atmosphere.

Comfortably Oblivious and The Beautiful Game are on display along with The Sitting Man and Unrequited Handshake at an exhibition at Phillips de Pury until 31 January 2012.

Each sculpture is a unique piece, based on a vintage watch and protected by a glass dome.  Moments in time by Dominic Wilcox watches will be on sale for £500 + VAT = £600 each at Dezeen Space, at 54 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3QN.

sweeper2 Moments in Time by Dominic Wilcox. Surreal animated scenes.

moments in time1 Moments in Time by Dominic Wilcox. Surreal animated scenes.

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