MB&F “Frog” indicates time through bulging “eyes”

MB&F Frog
MB&F Frog

MB&F have pushed the boundaries a bit with their latest “Horological Machine” .
Time is read using the two domed indicators, one for hours and another for minutes.
The design brings to mind a section of the Nautilus in Jules Vernes “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”

Where does the name “Frog” come from? Well those two bulging domes for the hours and minutes are meant to recall the bulging eyes of a frog peering out from underneath the water.

On each of these domes or “eyes” is a teardrop shaped emblem which indicates whether its for hours or minutes and also acts as a pointer to indicate the time.

Its strange appearance will not be for everyone and will likely polarize opinions, but theres no denying its a very unique timepiece and a mechanical marvel. Available in Titanium with Blue automatic rotor and PVD black with green automatic rotor.

Source: MB&F

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