Kerbedanz Maximus – Largest Tourbillon

The Kerbedanz Maximus: World’s Largest Tourbillon Takes Center Stage

Kerbedanz Maximus

The Swiss watchmaker Kerbedanz has made headlines in recent years with their show-stopping Maximus Tourbillon watch, featuring what they claim is the largest tourbillon ever constructed for a wristwatch. At an impressive 27mm wide, spanning nearly the entire dial, the sculptural tourbillon cage dominates the visual landscape.

We delve into the technical intricacies and visual theatrics of Kerbedanz’s masterpiece “Maximus” watch:

Overview of the Maximus Tourbillon Watch

  • 49mm titanium or gold case
  • Highly domed sapphire crystal
  • 27mm wide 6-minute flying tourbillon
  • Skeletonized leaf hands showing hours and minutes
  • Manual winding movement with 4 barrels and 48 hour power reserve
  • Unique caseback winding system
  • Limited to 99 pieces
  • Retail price: 165,000 CHF
Kerbedanz Maximus Limited Edition Worlds Biggest Tourbillon 5 min.jpg Kerbedanz Maximus - Largest Tourbillon

The name Maximus, meaning “the greatest” in Latin, is a fitting superlative for this boundary-pushing timepiece with its imposing oversized tourbillon.

So how does Kerbedanz Maximus manage to accommodate such a large rotating escapement in a wristwatch? Let’s analyze the movement and technology powering this showstopper…

Technical Details of the Caliber KRB08 Movement

  • Dimensions: 40mm x 13.2mm
  • Components: 415 parts
  • Jewels: 34
  • Frequency: 18,000 vph (2.5 Hz)
  • Power reserve: 48 hours
  • Tourbillon cage: 73 parts, 1.35g

The ultra-wide dimensions of the movement allow it to incorporate a monumental flying tourbillon, 4 mainspring barrels, and still have space for the gear train and display hands under the tourbillon itself.

It is a clever layout but necessitates some technical compromises to move such a sizeable rotating escapement with a traditional mainspring setup.

Kerbedanz Maximus design

Kerbedanz Maximus Innovations

Compared to most tourbillons which rotate every 60 seconds, the Kerbedanz Maximus has a longer 6 minute rotation to reduce excessive power consumption. The lower balance frequency of 18,000vph also aids efficiency.

On the downside, the longer rotation period detracts visually from the mesmerizing animation of a high-speed tourbillon. And a louder ticking results from the huge escapement components in motion.

Winding requires significant torque given the four hefty mainspring barrels. So instead of a traditional crown, Kerbedanz developed an alternative caseback winding system to wind the movement.

While not a practical daily wearer, the Maximus makes a dramatic statement for special occasions with its super-sized mechanical theatre on the wrist.

Design Details

  • 49mm case crafted in titanium, platinum or gold
  • Choice of solid color dials or skeletonized dial to highlight movement
  • Hours and minutes indicated by graceful leaf hands in gold
  • Applied gold hour markers on chapter ring
  • In-house manufactured components with hand-finishing
  • Unique caseback winding mechanism
  • Power reserve indicator visible on back
  • Limited edition numbering engraved on back

The 49mm case dimensions may seem imposing…but clever short lugs make the case wearable despite its size. And the domed “box” sapphire crystal adds further visual depth without excessive thickness.

So while the Maximus dimensions are extreme, Kerbedanz designed it for wearability – allowing the grand mechanics to take the starring role on the wrist!

maximus sketch new logo 724x1024 1 Kerbedanz Maximus - Largest Tourbillon

Caseback Winding Mechanism

In order to provide sufficient torque to wind the 4 hefty mainspring barrels simultaneously, winding must be achieved through turning the caseback rather than via a traditional crown.

This ingenious system has clicking gears that provide pleasant tactile feedback while winding. One can actually hear the soul of mechanism coming to life when rotating the caseback!

kerbedanz maximus cover 4 Kerbedanz Maximus - Largest Tourbillon

Power Reserve Display

Peeking through the exhibition caseback, a handy power reserve indicator shows the remaining runtime – up to 48 hours when fully wound.

The visual delight of the decorative components and intricate mechanics visible through the sapphire caseback make the winding ritual an enjoyable chore rather than tedious necessity.

Conclusion: Epic “Maximus” Makes a Maximized Impression

In the pursuit of pushing boundaries ever outwards, Kerbedanz achieved their goal of creating the world’s widest wristwatch tourbillon with their appropriately named Maximus.

  • At 27mm diameter, the sculpted tourbillon dominates the landscape – no mere subtle accent here!
  • The visually arresting flying tourbillon is matched by impressive technical execution across over 400 components.
  • Imaginative caseback winding mechanism shows thoughtful engineering.
  • Despite its imposing specs on paper, comfort and wearability are credible.

Sure it has its drawbacks – the loud ticking, slower rotation rate, and questionable practicality for daily wear.

But as a showpiece for making an entrance at an exclusive gathering, the Maximus commands attention like no other with its epic oversized tourbillon beating at the heart of the matter.

This beast is in a maximalized class of its own that makes a visually commanding statement on the wrist!

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