Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump: Ingenious sports watch.

Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump
Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump

Hamilton was inspired by Base Jumping in creating their new Khaki BASE Jump Auto Chrono and Khaki BASE Jump Automatic watches.

Equipped with Swiss ETA movements and oversized 50mm cases that scream “action” the unique feature of the Chrono version is the clever use of chronograph activation via the bezel with easy-grip finish, instead of using buttons.

Featuring a sturdy crown protector, located on the left for comfort, the Bezel activated Chrono also helps to avoid having buttons digging into your wrist during extreme sports activity.

The Automatic version has a stainless steel case with a PVD black or bronze finish, the chronograph version comes in Titanium also with PVD black or bronze finish.
Both versions are water resistant to 100 meters.

The Chronograph version is available for $1945 and the Automatic for $1195

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