Frederic Jouvenot Helios. Unique time-telling system.

Frederic Jouvenot Helios

Frederic Jouvenot Helios was announced in December and slated for release in January, is the latest timepiece from young watchmaker Frederic Jouvenot and features an ingenious and innovative way of displaying time.

Jouvenot became inspired to create a series of timepieces based on myths and solar deities after a trip to Greece. This the first one, named Helios after the Greek word for Sun.

The solar theme is symbolized with radiating cylinders representing sun beams. Its one of those rare designs that manages to combine the practical and aesthetic parts perfectly.

The cylinders rotate on their axes, indicating both the hour and whether its day or night by their colour, gold representing daytime and black night-time. The Helios indicates minutes by the central disc. In the image right the time would be 5pm.

To get a clearer idea of how the display functions see this video.

Frederic Jouvenot Helios time display function video.