B.R.M watch filled with motor oil from Lola racing car

b.r.m watch filled with oil
B.R.M CNT 44 Gulf with oil tank.

B.R.M are well known for their Motor Racing inspired and themed watches. This b.r.m watch, their latest release model CNT 44 GULF is a novel idea; housed directly under the dial is a small oil tank containing actual motor oil from a Lola LMP2 Gulf racing car that took part in the biggest endurance races of last year including Le Mans.

As B.R.M says : “this oil participated in the greatest of all endurance races in 2012″. I dont know whether there is much difference in oil colour depending on the watch, but the version pictured has surprisingly clean looking oil in it..Perhaps the oil was siphoned out after the first lap or perhaps the Lola runs very cleanly.

The 44 mm stainless steel case with black PVD coating is water resistant to 100 meters and houses a new automatic caliber with functions of hours, minutes and seconds.

Available from this month the CNT 44 GULF is a limited edition of 100 and retails for 5600 Euros.

lola B.R.M watch filled with motor oil from Lola racing car

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