Mission Impossible Casio G Shock Watches

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spy-watch-mission-impossibleEthan Hunt: Mission Impossible

Casio G-Shock watches were worn by Ethan Hunt in all three Mission Impossible films. In 2006 to commemorate the release of Mission Impossible III Casio released a special limited edition version of the model worn in Mission Impossible 3, the Casio G Shock  MTG-910D.

Its an atomic, solar-powered model that is water resistant to 200 meters, and world-time for 30 cities. The limited edition version came in a special M3 tin and with a specially engraved back.

In Mission Impossible 1 the Casio G Shock DW-5300 was worn and in Mission Impossible 2 it was a G-shock DW-6900-1V .

Casio G Shock watches in Mission Impossible
Images are screen captures from private collection. Copyright Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.