Seiko Arnie. The Seiko H558-5009

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Seiko H558-5009 The Arnie

“The Arnie

Seiko H558-5009

The Seiko H558-5009 was the first dive watch to feature a digital alarm chronograph with combination analog display.

Its nickname came about because it was a favourite watch of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he wore it in “Commando”(1985) and “Predator”(1987)

In order to build a watch that was rugged enough for the toughest adventures Seiko engineers tested it to -40c and up to +60c. The “Arnie” was a forerunner to the Landmaster series.

It was used on adventures to the North and South Poles as well as by an international team of explorers that climbed Everest in 1988.

With other features such as three time zones, chronograph, alarm and backlight, the “Arnie” is also a great ‘tool’ watch. These days its tricky finding one.


Basic Specifications:

Production date: March 1983.
Diameter: 46 mm (excluding crown).
Thickness: 12 mm.
Lug: 22 mm.
Price: $400-500


  1. I have this watch but I’m looking for the part that surrounds the bezel; it’s plastic and is screwed to the case.

    I’ve taken the watch to authorized dealers without luck.


  2. Michael,

    Thats a rare watch that you own, I can imagine it is difficult obtaining spare parts. I suggest you contact Seiko directly, it might be your best bet. Im in Japan and if I happen to find out anything regards this Ill let you know.

  3. There is a dentist in california that remakes the shroud from the original mold. If you do a search on Ebay he does sell them. Look up arnie shroud or the watch model shroud. I have one for mine made by him and its perfect if not better then the original as its better quality material.

  4. I have the rare orange model of this watch. Thinking about selling it. Any idea what it’s worth?

  5. I have that watch, the H558-5009. bought it new in the mid 80’s and used it as a dive watch. I rediscovered it a few months in my old Dive gear bag. Wondered where it had gone. I spent 20 + years in the military and moving a lot and had figered that it was just lost in all the moving. Surprised when I found it. So, I Googled it and to fine a manual so I could relearn how to set the time and the rest. and was surprised to learn that it was a watch with an active “fan base”.
    Well, it looks just about new, the plastic shrould is in great shap with no cracks or other damage and some small scratches on the crystal. I did replace the original band with a Black NATO band and have it on now. Very happy to be reunited with it!!

  6. I found one line with a google search, it was for a different watch but the functions were the same.
    Sorry for the delay.

  7. R. Beach _ and or anyone else interested in selling their ARNIE _ in good working condition please share a reply. I see these on e-bay. Many of the picture show the analog working and the digital keeper not working, or worse.

    Less inclined to buy a beater. Looking for a functional working one.


  8. Thanks but no thanks. It means a lot to me and I would not want to let it go. All the functions work just fine. looks like the day I baught it except for a few scratches from actual diving and use and the NATO band. Again, Thanks but I feel that I have found an old lost friend.
    Am currently wearing it in Afghanistan. I’m a retired soldier and now I work here.
    Best of luck.

  9. Looking for a replacement shroud for my arnie. Could not find one on ebay. Does anyone have a number or email for anyone making them in plastic or Aluminum. Thank you.


  10. I also have an H558-5009 Seiko dive watch. I’m the original owner. The shroud broke several years ago so I semi retired it. If anyone has any info on a replacement shroud you’ll make my day.

    Thanks, Jim

  11. I just found the shrouds on Ebay. The cost is $47 each or buy 2 for $78, shipping included. The seller is Seikomania.

    Good Luck, Jim

  12. Hi —

    I’m the original owner of an H588-5009, original owner. It’s in great shape (near mint – used only for diving), except the bezel is frozen in place – won’t budge. It’s always been tight, but now it won’t move.

    Any recommendations on how to get it moving?

  13. i like and i wanna H 558-5009 Please contakt or call {1347 260 6649]

  14. I own a near (super near) mint condition Seiko H558-5009. It has the original band and all functions work. I’m just the second owner and the first guy baby’ed this watch and changed the battery every two years. It’s my favorite watch in my collection.

    But I have the same problem as the first owner, we love it so much, we don’t wear it! 🙂

  15. I have for sale seiko h558-5000 in very good condition, I can send detail photos.

    I’m from slovakia.

  16. Ho,

    I have a original Arnie in great workings condition. If there is anyone out there that wants to but it,,let me know and lets make a deal…..

    724.986.0458. Istvan

  17. does anyone have have a link to the person who manufactures the shrouds. my grandson just hooked his fingernail under the shroud it broke. two screws were missing which didn’t help. I need two of the shroud screws also if anyone has them. email me at the above address


  18. I just gave mine to my nephew that I bought in 1983 when I was a military pilot. Still keeps better time than my TAG. Hopefully he will take care of it for another 30 years.. It has been has had some great adventures!

  19. Hi Friends..

    If anyone would like to sell this Seiko Arnie watch pls pls pls let me know… I’m tired of searching in internet for this watch for years… If anyone pls mail me in

  20. Does anyone know where I can buy one or at least the black plastic shroud that surrounds it? I am willing to pay whatever for either………..


  21. I have this watch, bought it new sometime around 87, have replaced the band many times and have almost a dozen other watches this watch is not the most expensive one I own but it is my most favorite and most worn to date! But now I have a problem , one of the screws from the outer black case has fallen out and I’m having a difficult time finding a replacement. If anyone knows where I can find one please drop a line. It would be much appreciated !! Thanks in advance

  22. Hi all,
    Reproduced H558 Screws pop up on eBay from time to time.
    I have produced a reproduction of the H558 shroud in Stainless Steel 316L.
    Available coated DLC, Cerakote (colour options available) or polished.
    Search Phoinixtyo8050 on IG or FB.
    Also available 3D printed (colour options available) via Shapeways, search Phoinixtyo8050.
    Hope this helps, kind regards

  23. Hello, everyone!!
    I have two of these watches. One I bought new in Jan/1987, and decided to restore it in 2010, after 8 years inside some sock drawer.
    The shroud from eBay (first aluminum, now plastic) and the bezel insert from Noah, who died, unfortunately.
    Now I got another one, but the bezel just won’t spin and it’s scraped. I think the previous owner had some motorcycle accident wearing the watch.
    So, would anyone know where I could find this bezel?
    The insert is not that hard to find…
    Please, email me if it’s possible to find the bezel for the H-558.
    Thanks to all.

  24. I have been searching for this watch, if anyone is keen on moving theirs, id be happy to purchase at a reasonable cost. No Arnie TAX!
    Contact me via email.

    regards, Peter.

  25. I’ve had a few of these watches over the year and I love them. To be honest, they’re useless as a diving watch because I discovered that at depth and in poor light it was difficult to see the digital display stop watch and time elapsed that are essential in diving. But as an operations timekeeper ( I was in the air force) it was a brilliant asset with 3 time zones etc. Ive broken a few and so have some spare parts if anyone’s interested. I’d rather they go to an enthusiast than some dealer.

  26. @Alex Swift , im interested for the parts you have , it will help me a lots
    could you contact me at : write SEIKO H558 Parts in your email title
    currently waiting for your reply via email

  27. i got mine off a mate working the doors in the 90s he was an ex marine my grandmother pasted away and left us grandkids £50 each and that what i paid for it looks like its probably the best £50 i’ve ever spent. It’s a bit battered and broused but it keeps going love it thanks GRAN.

  28. The day i found out that in 2019, seiko reissue the Arnie’s. I said to my self, oh this this one is a keeper and start to imaging using it as a kicked ass daily beater diver watch.. Hmn… it would be nice..

    And then im saying to my self.. why would i spend the money on the new one if i can get my self the truly, good cosmetically and fully working one..

    But i just realize the bitter fact that, its more difficult to own a fully working “truly” vintage arnie’s than the his uncle 6105 seiko divers..

    Even the NOS one, have an issue with the stucked crown and not working alarm.. pheuh..

    Yes.. this one is a keeper if you have one that still have a good looking and fully working one..

    the alarm sounds funny tough.. tickling my ear..

  29. I’m fortunate enough town an ’83 model of the Seiko “Arnie” watch. It’s in excellent condition except that it’s missing the plastic bezel. I must say it still looks fairly decent without the bezel
    Kind of like the Invicta watch series that has screws sticking out . With a stainless Seiko bracelet it looks as though it’s meant to look this way, i.e. without the black bezel which goes well with the rubber divers bracelet.
    If any one is aware of where to procure the bezel, please let me know
    As well. if you’re interested in purchasing the watch, send me an Email at:

  30. I owned one of the original Arnie watches. I returned it to Seiko for service and they “lost” it. Say what you will, it was not lost. There was a letter in the box describing the work I wanted done. They acknowledged receiving the watch but it magically disappeared. They refused to replace it. DO NOT SEND A WATCH TO THEM FOR REPAIR. I got married In that watch. It was sentimental.

  31. All of the forum that I looked through, they are only talking about the H558, but on the movie Commando, there were close-up shots of a different watch, would anyone know what watch is that?

  32. I just dig up my old diving watch, bought new, original owner, great condition
    Seiko H558-5009, I got a shock when I saw it was a “vintage” watch. Original shroud.

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