HYT Skull – the liquid watch gets new design.

HYT Skull
HYT Skull in green

HYT is kicking off 2015 by revealing the latest addition to its collection : the HYT Skull.

These limited edition pieces feature the same capillaries of its “liquid timekeeping” technology (more on that here) but shaped into the outline of a skull.

It’s not so much a watch for time-telling but closer to a fantastic piece of art to wear on your wrist because this new watch focuses only on the hourly designation as it snakes menacingly around the skull, foresaking a minute sub-dial.

Unlike the H1, most of the inner workings, except for the pistons and a translucent back have been covered up. The right eye displays the status of the 65 hour power reserve while the left shows a tiny seconds dial.

The caseback sapphire has a heavy red or green tint to it, which adds an ominous effect.

HYT Skull Back
HYT Skull caseback has red or green tint

According to CEO Vincent Perriard “What we wanted was to find out how far we could push in terms of design and technique. The goal was to create a Skull totally different from what you typically see, but would also express the DNA of HYT – a conceptual creation.”

Offered in two designs, a black DLC titanium with green time-telling liquid and a black DLC titanium and 5N gold with red liquid. 50 pieces in titanium DLC, with green fluid “GREEN EYE”, and 25 pieces in pink gold 5N and titanium DLC black with red fluid “RED EYE”.

The first pieces will be delivered starting in May 2015.

HYT Skulls
Comes in red and green

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