Cabestan Trapezium. The unique winch-watch gets new case design.

Cabestan Trapezium
Cabestan Trapezium

The latest version of Cabestans Winch Tourbillon watch is named the Cabestan Trapezium after its case design.

Watchmaking and geometry have always intertwined, cases usually being round, rectangular or square..Cabestan offers an alternative with a trapezoidal enclosure. In geometry this is defined as a quadrilateral whose sides are unequal. No matter the angle of vision, a trapezoid is recognizable at first glance and sets the watch apart. Applied to the watch design, the result is a complex combination of quadrilaterals giving the timepiece an imposing appearance, and turns the case of the Trapezium into a perfect showcase for its amazing mechanism.

To the new case Eric Coudray has added case crowns which have been completely redesigned to reinforce the idea of inclination. Without effort, the mechanism engages and allows a single movement of the thumb and index finger to adjust the time and wind the watch.

The side panels of the Cabestan Trapezium are each provided with an opening for an amazing side view of the movement. The back of the unit is also equipped with a sapphire crystal so you can admire the inside of the mechanism through 360 degrees.

Price: 240 000 Swiss francs
Source: Cabestan

Cabestan Trapezium
Cabestan Trapezium

Cabestan Trapezium. The unique winch-watch gets new case design. 1

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