Artya “Son of a Gun” has real bullets in the dial.

Artya Son of a Gun
Artya Son of a Gun

Watch brand Artya known for their artistically designed electrically themed watches have released this one containing live ammunition, called “Son of a Gun” it should appeal to those watch collectors with a gun fetish or enjoy having long conversations with airline security.

The dial mimics the appearance of a gun barrel and features six real 6mm Flobert bullets which have been casually arranged around the dial and attached with copper wire. The dial combined with the bezel forms the look of a target.

The glass back of the watch shows the rotor which features three .38 Special cartridge casings and further reinforces the firearm theme. The back of the 47mm case has been inscribed 1/1 Unique, Swiss Made.

Artya Son of a Gun back
Artya Son of a Gun back

Check out one of their watches being struck by lightning:


  1. […] Artya are an avant garde brand set up by  Yvan Arpa who used to work at Romain Jerome. They create unique artistically designed pieces one of their more famous models are the ones that have been “struck by lightning” causing them to be etched by electricity and giving the cases a unique look to them. I previously wrote about the Son of a gun here. […]

  2. […] the first timepiece by Artya to use firearms in its design – I wrote about the first one here called simply  ”Son of a gun”, the concept for these watches is that “time is a killer” and the bullets are intended […]

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